What We Do

The Three-Tier Distribution System

Alcohol is regulated differently because it is not the same as other consumer products. The three-tier system has been serving the American public for decades, helping to create and maintain a competitive, safe and efficient marketplace benefitting consumers


Suppliers brew, distill, and ferment products. These products are then packaged and sold to distributors.


Fisher59 stores these products in our warehouses. Our outstanding team sells these products to licensed retail grocery stores, convenience stores, bars, restaurants, and liquor stores. Once the orders have been placed, our awesome warehouse selectors assemble the orders and ensure they are safely loaded onto our delivery fleet. Our professional delivery drivers ensure that these orders are safely delivered to the retail locations.

Retailers, Bars & Restaurants

Retailers are any licensed establishment that sells alcohol. Fisher59 ensures that product is merchandised into the retailers account and available to the consumer to purchase.