The Legacy
Lives On

The Fisher Family plans on sustaining the great legacy built by Clyde over 50 years ago, by continuing to build upon his innovations and vision. Clyde was a great leader not only in the wholesale beer business, but also in his community and Church. The Fisher Family, as well as their employees, understand the importance of community and civic involvement and actively participate throughout the various cities and communities they service.



The legend of Clyde and Polly Fisher's beer business started in the spring of 1959. Clyde organized a local election to change their hometown of Muenster, TX, from dry to wet. The election was a success, and Muenster would soon be able to sell beer. The Fishers established warehousing out of their garage and started selling beer in September 1959.

Throughout the years, Clyde and Polly grew their business. They bought Wichita Beer Distributing in Wichita Falls, TX, in 1964. That same year, they built a warehouse across the street from their house in Muenster. In 1970, the small town of Lincoln Park, TX, became wet. It was the first wet town in Denton County. By the '70s, the Fishers' business was booming, and it was time to build another warehouse, this time in Wichita Falls. In the meantime, towns in Denton County were becoming wet. In the early '80s, Lake Dallas and Denton became important service outlets for the Fishers, and they realized that another warehouse would benefit the operation. In 1985, the Fishers bought Southern Sales in Lawton, OK.

All of the new businesses and new buildings kept the Fishers busy for a while. However, the Fishers' next big business deal wasn't until 2007 when they bought the Coors distributor in Wichita Falls. In 2019, Fisher acquired the rights to Coors in their Denton location. The Fisher family moved into their current headquarters location in Denton in December 2019. In early 2023, Fisher expanded their Spirits portfolio by adding Sazerac, the second largest spirits companies in the US. They continue to diversify within the beverage industry. In the Fall of 2023, Fisher acquired the rights to Coors in their Oklahoma location.

Throughout all of the success, Clyde and Polly's children have been instrumental. It's truly a family business. Clyde and Polly had ten children: Chuck, Dick, Nancie, Dan, Kathie, Ginnie, Ronnie, Julie, Laurie, and Angie, who had cerebral palsy and did not work for the business. Many of the Fishers' grandchildren continue the legacy that Clyde and Polly built.


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